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The Role of Cloud Computing in Mobile App Development 

The Role of Cloud Computing in Mobile App Development 

What is Cloud Computing? 

Generally, cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing resources and services from a separate host region. This means that you in the comfort of your home can have access to resources you would generally not be able to store within your computing devices, or for other reasons. Cloud computing is generally used because- 

  1. Low risk of losing your data. 
  2. Easier storage of data. 
  3. Less expensive. 
  4. Low maintenance. 

These are just a few of the several benefits of using cloud computing. While it was initially expensive for underdeveloped countries, cloud computing services have improved since then and are integrated into the workflow of every country around the world, in one way or another. Moreover, when it comes to application development, cloud services are crucial for various reasons like data security, faster load times, less risk of viruses, etc. to name a few. 

Why is Cloud Computing a Key Element in the Mobile App Development?

The world of mobile computing consists of an exponentially larger number of users than the personal computer industry. This means that mobile computing is something that almost everyone prefers. Mobile computing largely consists of devices like smartphones, tablets, wearable computers, laptops, etc., and are way more popular than personal computers because of their smaller sizes and also smaller footprint. Moreover, mobile computing devices are comparably less expensive to own and even more cost-efficient to maintain. 

How Can Mobile App Development Benefit From Cloud Computing? 


Scalability is one of the most prominent benefits of integrating cloud computing services into mobile app development. Through the use of cloud computing technology, developers can now create and update mobile applications to not only a wide range of different mobile sizes but also user preferences. Integrating cloud services in mobile application development enables developers to push updates easily. 

Data Security

Data loss is one of the most common problems among millions of users who are dependent on mobile computing devices. Cloud computing services can be useful here as the storage of data in the cloud can be safer as well as more convenient because of the ease of access and convenience of having local data space. 

Clutter Free Devices

With the ease and convenience that comes with cloud computing, many people can benefit from having access to applications on the cloud that would otherwise take up a lot of storage space in their mobile devices. Moreover, there are a lot more people who opt for cloud storage services these days to have a better balance between both local and cloud storage.

Ease of Use

Not all devices have the processing power to handle all sorts of workloads. Some mobile devices may be more powerful than others, this is where cloud computing comes in. People can take advantage of exponentially more powerful devices that are available to use via the cloud, and the prices are affordable in most major countries. Cloud services usually follow regional pricing so it is more convenient for both parties to have a good experience with the service.

Cross Platform Compatibility

By integrating cloud computing into mobile applications, cross-platform connectivity becomes a whole lot easier. There are many roadblocks a developer faces when developing a mobile application for several different operating systems. The migration of program data is the hardest part because of storage and power restraints. With the help of cloud computing, developers can take advantage of super fast and versatile updates and uploads. Cloud computing also helps access to more powerful and expensive resources that would be unaffordable for the common developer.

Enterprise Assistance

Many companies like Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure offer cloud computing services along with assurance and insurance against data theft and data loss. This is important for enterprise-level cloud services as they have a large amount of crucial data that needs to be migrated from one place to another all the time. This also allows one whole enterprise to enable their employees with access to one single data source without having to store that same data on hundreds of individual devices. 


The integration of cloud computing in mobile applications is undoubtedly the next big thing for mobile computing, and it is coming sooner than you think it is. With the sudden influx of large companies needing thousands of different cloud services, it might get confusing to choose the right one, which is why Appfoster assists you along every step of your cloud integration journey. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud computing services.