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Automation in Real Estate: How can Real Estate professionals use it to scale their Business

Automation in Real Estate: How can Real Estate professionals use it to scale their Business

Automation in real estate: How can real estate professionals use it to scale their business

If you’re in the business of real estate, then you know that automation can be a blessing. From keeping track of properties and clients to marketing listings, there are a ton of ways that automation can make real estate professionals’ life easier. Automation can help realtors and brokers by automating tasks such as replying to clients’ emails, posting listings online, and sending out automatic updates. By using automation, real estate businesses can focus on other important tasks while also providing top-notch services to their clients. 

But what exactly is automation? And how can real estate professionals use it to boost their business? Here’s everything you need to know!

What is automation?

Simply put, automation is the process of using technology to automate tasks. For real estate businesses, this can include anything from using software to handle customer inquiries to using automated systems to post listings online. 

How can you use automation to boost your real estate business?

Now that we know what automation is and how it can help, you’re probably wondering how automation for real estate agents and brokers can help them boost their business. In the world of real estate, there are a number of different ways that automation can be used to help real estate professionals run their businesses. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage your clients and properties

One of the most important ways that automation can help real estate businesses is by using a CRM system. A CRM system allows real estate professionals to manage their clients and properties electronically, making it easier to keep track of everything. This can be especially helpful for realtors and brokers who have a large number of clients or listings such as MLS (Multiple Listing Services), HOA (Homeowner Associations), IDX (Integrated Data Exchange), etc. Automating client management can help real estate professionals stay organized and efficient, giving them more time to focus on other aspects of their business. 

Automated notifications from CRM can solve the problem for real estate business professionals. Businesses can automate regular updates about the property to their clients so that the clients are always aware of the new developments. An automated CRM can also build contracts. Based on the needs and requirements of both parties, contracts can be generated automatically.

Automation can also help realtors boost their bottom line. By using automated systems to post listings online, they can reach a wider audience and sell properties more quickly. This can lead to more commission income and a healthier bottom line for their business.

The realtor’s calendar can also be linked to an automation tool that can notify the client about the next meeting or the availability of the real estate agent to the client for the meeting. The clients can then fix the meeting accordingly.

  1. Using listing syndication services

Another way that automation can help is by using listing syndication services. These services automatically post the listings on different real estate websites, making it easier for potential buyers to find them. This can take a lot of the work out of marketing real estate professionals’ listings and increases their efficiency.

  1. Use automated systems to handle customer inquiries

Realtors can use an automated assistant to handle customer inquiries by setting up a rule that will automatically answer common questions. This can help them free up time that would otherwise be spent on answering these questions manually. Additionally, an automated assistant can be used to track customer interactions, making it easier to follow up with potential leads.

In addition to saving time, automation can also help improve customer service. By using an automated assistant to handle customer inquiries, real estate agents and brokers can provide a faster and more efficient service. This can lead to happier customers and more repeat business.

  1. Managing finances with automated software

Automated software can help realtors to manage their finances by tracking income and expenses. This can help them stay organized and on budget. Additionally, automated software can often provide insights into their financial data, helping them make informed decisions about their business. Softwares such as RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) are a good example of this.

  1. Use marketing automation tools to generate leads

Real estate professionals can leave the tedious tasks of marketing their listings to automation tools. Automation can help realtors in a number of ways when it comes to marketing. Marketing automation tools can also be used to generate leads, which can help real estate professionals find new clients. Marketing automation tools can be used to generate leads by automatically sending out emails or making phone calls to potential customers. This can help realtors find new clients who may be interested in their services. Additionally, marketing automation tools can help them keep track of their marketing campaigns and their effectiveness, allowing them to adjust their strategy as necessary. With automated systems, realtors’ listings get automatically posted while they can simply aim at closing more deals. 

  1. Replying to clients’ emails automatically

Automation can help realtors and brokers by automatically replying to clients’ emails. Automation can take care of tasks such as sending out a canned response, tracking when an email is received and replied to, and flagging ignored messages. The automation tools can also help in sending reminder emails to the clients about the meetings, contracts, payment deadlines, and other tasks of the business. This can provide leverage to realtors’ businesses along with improving their customer service.

What is the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in real estate?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a type of software that helps businesses automate their workflows. RPA in real estate can be used to perform tasks such as data entry, clerical work, and repetitive processes. This can save the business time and money by reducing the need for human employees to complete these tasks.

For real estate businesses, RPA can be used to automate tasks such as posting listings online, sending out automatic updates to interested parties, and sending reminder emails to clients. 


Automation provides leeway to real estate professionals to aim at other deliverables of the business while they can free up time that would otherwise be spent on tasks that can be easily handled by technology. Our outstanding team at Appfoster has great expertise in automating real estate business by developing custom MLS/IDX that complies with RESO standards, CRM software, RETS, HOA Management applications, broker/agent portals, mobile apps, accounting and finance applications, etc. which help the real estate professionals manage their clients, properties, and finances more efficiently, giving them the ability to grow their business and succeed. The best part of automation is that it can save realtors and brokers a ton of time and energy so that they can focus on other ingredients of their business.

By automating their marketing tasks, realtors are able to reach a wider audience of potential buyers. This means that they will have more leads to work with and a better chance of closing a sale. In addition, by using an automated assistant to handle customer inquiries, real estate businesses can provide quicker and more efficient service. This can lead to happier customers and more referrals.