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Gourmet food delivery for fitness enthusiasts

About the project

The project allows users to order healthy meals(along with snacks and juices), prepared and delivered according to their needs and fitness goals. The meals can be subscribed on a weekly basis. The app has features like affiliates, invitations and capability to gift meals to other user. Along with that it has ample features for admin to manage the users and their meal requests.

Client Overview:

Client started off by offering meals to his local gym mates, who really liked the taste and convenience. The word quickly spread out and soon they were offering meals to hundreds of customers. 




  • They created a basic subscription website, but needed more features.
  • The subscriptions needed to implement complex logic based on user’s preferences, meals, location and delivery.
  • Needed features like Gifting a meal, coupons and affiliates.
  • Admin panel to manage users

Planning & Development

  • The website had the basic structure(built on Laravel 4.2). It was decided to upgrade it to latest Laravel version(5.2 at the time).
  • Included advanced Stripe features for adding customisation to subscription, snack and drink add ons.
  • Added meal management panel for customers. 
  • Customer manager panel for administrators.


  • The website was restructure and was now easier to maintain.
  • Using our proficiency in Stripe, we implemented several complex payment scenarios that were based on combination of products and the type of customer.
  • Greater flexibility for users leading to higher user retention and satisfaction.
  • Made it easier for the Owners to easily manage, understand and prepare weekly delivery schedules.

Tech Stack

  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Angular
  • Hosted on AWS