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How Retail Business Can Make The Most Out Of Data Science

How Retail Business Can Make The Most Out Of Data Science

Data science is an influential part of any successful business growth. There are a lot of numerical factors at play when analyzing a business and its performance. Statistical figures that represent data like customer walk-ins, average money spending, costs of advertisement, cost of security, loss due to shrinkage, etc are crucial when redirecting a company to improve in all aspects. Moreover, minimization of loss is also a big goal that all retail businesses aim to reach yearly. Data science and analysis is the only way businesses can reach these goals.

As per IBM, more than 60% of retailers have mentioned that big data and data analytics have helped them get an edge over their competitors. This is not just beneficial for companies and retailers but is also very beneficial for creating a reliable experience for the customer as well. 

Understanding the Customer’s Behaviour

Various techniques can utilize data science for customer segmentation and target marketing. What this means is that certain aspects of a retail business are dependent on various factors like which product group is selling more, what place of a store is having more traffic, etc. 

Moreover, statistical analysis is also important for brands when releasing newer products that cater to a group of people. They may choose to release it earlier/later or even do something as drastic as changing the product’s appearance because a competitor product has a similar design.

Inventory Management

Inventory is another aspect of retail businesses that takes a lot of effort and planning. This is why the implementation of data science is important for correct and concise inventory management. Managing product inventory according to demand and product lifetime is complicated and needs a lot of effort. 

The implementation of data science and analytics can greatly reduce the time and effort required to manage product inventory across the board, especially given how time-consuming it can be with different product groups across different lifecycle ranges. This also helps reduce costs by increasing viable product retention and reducing unnecessary deliveries. 

Enhanced Shopping Experience

The use of data science is not bound just to the limits of resolving problems. It can also be used to improve the experience of customers, which in turn drives up the profit. With technologies that can analyze customer traffic, recognize the best-selling products in each category, decide advertisements, etc. businesses can now enhance the experience of their customers even more. 

Moreover, this is a very foolproof way of making sure that whatever tried and tested methods have been applied and selected for use are beneficial in all aspects to both the customers as well as the businesses.

Supply Chain Optimization

The use of data science and analytics in the supply chain is decades old, even before the widespread adoption of computers came into being. Supply chain management greatly involves logistics and stock flow, which every retail business has to have a good grip on to maintain the inflow and outflow of stock in moderation. 

Using data and analytics can also help companies and manufacturers recognize data and create supply for increased demand, which is still a big problem almost every retail company faces. Sometimes companies even shorten the supply of products to drive the prices up, which is a very malicious practice to make more profit and it gives a lot of trouble to retailers who are the medium between the manufacturer and the consumer. 

Fraud Detection & Risk Management

Data science and analytics can be used to detect losses and frauds. Retailers incur losses due to various factors like shrinkage, mismanagement of inventory, supply chain miscalculations, etc., and have to constantly be on the lookout for mistaken transactions. Data science technologies can help in keeping track of all the transactions made by a retailer and with the help of artificial intelligence, can also help recognize fraudulent transactions. 

Moreover, payment processing can also be made simpler by detection of payments done by mistake. Sometimes a payment may go through twice and other times it may not go through at all. In both cases, data science and analytics can help dictate whether a real payment is made. 

Marketing Campaigns

Data science and analytics can help companies and manufacturers recognize trends. This helps manufacturers do two things; firstly they can create specialized commercials and campaigns that help grab the attention of a customer by spotlighting a product that is already trending. This also helps gather new customers as well as retaining the old ones. 

Secondly, data science along with the help of artificial intelligence and neural learning can help recognize and analyze the performance of products not just in real-time, but geographically as well, which is a big reason why countries have differing opinions on various popular products.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a very big deal for retailers and companies. Data analytics help retailers and companies retain customers by helping them recognize flaws in the system. No store or retail hub is perfect and they can always depend on the feedback of their customers. Retailers and companies take feedback from customers and can then make changes according to their preferences, which can increase profits. 

Moreover, data analytics can also help recognize the patterns of a customer throughout a store, and how a customer behaves when looking for a specific product that is too far or too close to the entrance, and various other factors like this.


Data science and analytics is a sector that every industry is dependent on, and can benefit from it largely. However, developing reliable software that can recognize patterns and trends is not every developer’s cup of tea, which is exactly why Appfoster takes pride in being one of the best software development companies and has more than a decade of expertise to speak for themselves. Reach out to us to know more about our retail software services